See also the Version 4.4 Release Notes (Windows/Publishers’ Edition and Mac).

Friendly, fast and flexible, Cindex is the outstanding indexing program favored by professional indexers. It offers unsurpassed performance and features in an exceptionally easy-to-use package. What’s more, it comes with a highly acclaimed printed User’s Guide, and outstanding context-sensitive help. See why so many indexers rely on Cindex.

Simple Creation and Editing of Entries

  • See entries in context as you add them
  • Save phrases that you can insert in entries with a single keystroke
  • Instantly recall and duplicate any entry or part of it
  • Record and replay sequences of keystrokes and mouse clicks
  • Flip (exchange) headings at any level
  • Drag and drop text and entries within Cindex and between Cindex and other applications

Search and Replace

  • Search for any text
  • Search among particular records (e.g., those made yesterday)
  • Search for entries that refer to specified pages
  • Search among specified headings
  • Boolean searches
  • Search for and replace text that matches a pattern
  • Search for and replace type styles or fonts


  • Check spelling in multiple languages
  • Specialized dictionaries available


  • Seamlessly handle compound locators
  • Automatically conflate page numbers
  • Chicago or Hart’s rules for abbreviating references
  • Automatically adjust page references
  • Apply styles automatically to page references, or parts of them

Document Preparation

  • Directly embed index entries in Microsoft Word documents
  • XML markup; SGML markup
  • Tag indexes for typesetting


  • Obtain counts of entries of different kinds
  • Obtain general statistics and page counts


  • Set your own preferences for views
  • Set preferences for adding/editing entries
  • Customizable toolbars


  • View a fully formatted index as you work on it
  • Complete control of page and column layout
  • Complete range of index styles
  • Instantly switch among alternative views of your index
  • Automatically set headings in specified fonts or styles
  • Instantly display entries under particular headings


  • Define convenient groups of entries (e.g., for chapters)
  • Break an index into multiple sub-indexes


  • Instant, automatic alphabetizing of entries
  • Full range of alphabetizing options
  • Sort using language-specific conventions
  • Sort by page number


  • Automatic placement of cross-references
  • Automatic punctuation of cross-references; treat See and See also differently
  • Automatic styles (italics, etc.) for cross-references
  • Automatic verification of cross-references
  • Generate automatic cross-references from authority; double-post automatically
  • Automatically convert See references to fully-qualified entries


  • Complete flexibility of document layout
  • Produces camera-ready copy directly

Import and Export